Project Deliverables

    • Website Design
    • Brand Development
    • User Interface Design
    • Copywriting


    Project Overview

    Careercore are an established New york Tech firm making professional development easier for large companies, or for individuals who place an emphasis on professional skills.

    The existing CareerCore website was functional but dated and needed both graphic design as well as functional improvements. We developed a site that made use of the latest technologies and color coding to provide a better user experience, make it much easier for various client segments to find the information they require and finally make the job of obtaining leads more effective.

    We spent a considerable amount of time with the client, developing wireframes, site maps and gathering the knowledge we would need to explain the product to a very borad range of customers. We had to focus carefully on making sure that a corporate client didn’t spend time reading about how CareerCore helps individuals or educational institutions, and that the task of finding, understanding and buying was as simple as possible.

    One the ground work was completed, our partner, ClearpH, went to work designing the page layouts for the site. Their excellent use of color coding made the task of finding information easy, and the site as a whole has a corporate, clean feel that appeals to large buyers – when credibility is everything.

    We then worked with our partner Genesis to build the site on a short timeline, with the focus being on translating ClearpH’s excellent designs into a tangible website.

    The result is a strong corporate sales site to underpin future sales efforts. As with all our sites, the ongoing administration of the site is easy for the customer, meaning reduced cost, fast turnaround and ultimate control of their most valuable sales asset.



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