Digital Results Marketing

    Digital Results Marketing


    Project Deliverables

    • Website Design
    • Logo Design
    • Brand Development
    • Social Media Marketing


    Project Overview

    The client required a modern website to convey a range of SEO and other online optimization services. We also needed to ensure that our positioning was suited to smaller businesses, where the reader may not be any more than vaguely familiar with the kinds of services offered, and make the site as much an educational experience as a sales pitch, though the nature of the product meant that sales we carried out predominantly online, so that methodology had to be provided for.

    We built a wordpress based website that explained the services offered quickly and in language that informed the visitor. We provided a range of ways to learn and then buy quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we provided the means for high quality site optimization, so search engines owuld find and rank the site, in an extremely competitive environment.

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