Project Deliverables

    • Full feature application development
    • Internal systems development
    • Website Design
    • Brand Development
    • Social Media Marketing


    Project Overview

    Republik has spent 12 months working with the client and our development partner, Genesis, to develop a full blown SaaS application for the legal industry. Our primary remit has been to turn a great idea into a functional reality, and has required deep technical know-how combined with out-of-the-box thinking, to work up an industry leading application at a fraction of the cost usually spent on such a demanding and sophisticated outcome. While the application itself was the core focus of the project, we have additionally provided a marketing website and a series of internal systems to the client, including a wiki and project management system.

    The product has launched to rave reviews from within the industry and like all software firms, is a growing, living beast that needs to be agile, flexible and capable. The solution provided by Republik was built upon a theme of flexibility and nimbleness, and has what it takes to stay ahead of the pack.



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